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Creating a Waterfront Space

Kitahama Terrace

In order to make the best of the commanding view of Nakanoshima, people from the region, the owners of buildings along the river and NPOs worked together with the administration to make a boardwalk along the public river terrace.


Hachikenyahama was restored as a part of the Aqua Metropolis Osaka project, along with the Keihan Nakanoshima Line restoration work, and has been brought back as a historical point of contact between the river and the land.

Before improvements

After improvements

Osaka Fureai Waterfront

A man-made beach has been created on the site of a former lumberyard in Kema Sakuranomiya Park, in order to create a new and attractive waterfront for the Aqua Metropolis. It is a valuable space, located in the city center but with direct contact with the water, where people can view animals or enjoy water sports in addition toa variety of other pastimes.

Tonbori River Walk

Due to such factors as expanded embankments and polluted water, the Dotombori River has seemed a distant entity to the city in recent years. But thanks to the Aqua Metropolis restoration project, this river was the first to become accessible again to citizens. The boardwalk along the river is used by shops and for various events.

Before improvements

After improvements

Nakanoshima Gate Area

The ocean meets the river at the west side of Nakanoshima. In 2012, a new approach was carried out here, with the addition of open-air cafes, light displays, and small boat anchorages. The possibility of using this area as a symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka is being considered.

Night Waterfront Displays

City-building Activities Nakanoshima Garden Bridge

While testing out the feasibility of using public space on bridges, we are aiming to make this an active area for citizens. In an event during the fall of 2012, regional organizations and private businesses worked together with the administration to put on programs and light displays, sharing their knowledge to liven up the area during both day and night.

Using Bridge Space

Bridge light displays

Creating a City of Light

In the hopes of creating beautiful scenery using Osaka’s own unique light, businesses and academics are working together with public administration figures to revitalize Osaka. Osaka’s own light is a light that makes one feel the presence of the water. By generating night views and putting on events like the Osaka Hikari-Renaissance, we are reworking the image of Osaka into a “city of light,” and making a statement about this area to other parts of Japan as well as abroad.

Osaka Hikari-Renaissance


Illumination of the Okawa River embankments

Aqua Metropolis Osaka Festival (held in October)

This event is a cooperative festival that brings local people together and teaches them what they need to know to help develop their city, and also creates ways to enjoy the waterfront and the city. Regional communities and businesspeople are the leading players in this event, putting into practice their plans to make the best use of the waterfront while overcoming various challenges. We aim to encourage civic pride in the Aqua Metropolis, and hope that the appeal of such a background helps develop the Aqua Metropolis Osaka brand.
(held in October)

Main Venue—Nakanoshima Park

Art Programs

Citizens’ Programs