The waterways of Osaka play a vital role in the Osaka rejuvenation program. In order to carry out the restoration of public places with strict regulations regarding scenery and use, various tests and inspections have been conducted, and the many issues that arise are treated as challenges rather than roadblocks. Key areas of improvement include legal reform, municipal design, the establishment of new public policy, and the hosting of regional conventions.
The cooperation of the government and the people working together to build Osaka in the image of a city of water and light has resulted in the creation of new spots along the waterways and beautiful night scenery, a more lively atmosphere in town, increased support for the project, and various other accomplishments that bring more energy to Osaka.


Main project areas for Aqua Metropolis Osaka

1 Nakanoshima Banks
2 Hotarumachi
3 Nakanoshima Garden Bridge
4 Osaka Lighting Project (illuminating bridges, modern buildings, and overhead structures)
5 Kitahama Terrace
6 Nakanoshima Park
7 Hachikenyahama
8 Osaka Fureai Waterfront
9 Higashi-yokobori River
10-1 Tombori River Walk
10-2 Minatomachi River Place
10-3 Canal Terrace Horie
11-1 Kizu River Promenade
11-2 Kizu River Adopt a River
12 Nakanoshima Gate Area